Build P2 210530




  • Simplifed S&C Exercise configuration. Only requires either time (always in seconds) or Reps (can only be KG) if not using weights for reps then the BW can be specified. This removes the bug associated with no effort type parameter and also makes creating an S&C exercise much more streamlined
  • Special Exercise = Circuit. This can be configured in Workout Builder for number of rounds and how many steps. In workout Builder simply add the steps directly after it.
  • Player recognises and handles Circuits with correct looping and control but UI needs work
  • Added an Account Type indicator. Single CHAR and set by the user in the main registration page. This then creates a new DB specifically for the USER. DBGEN has been updated too.



  • When triggering the Garmin Connect authorisation, data is just echoed to the screen and not executed? This needs a different type of URL redirect for use on IONS hosting
  • The ChalkBoard does not display Circuits in a helpful way
  • The Chalkboard is not marking exercises as complete with any sophistication, simply anything before current step.

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