Another Day another Name



But this time I have bought the URL and probably a better name than originally conceived. Welcome to the world BeFitter.App

Which nicely lends itself to “Get a bit fitter with” 🙂 And here is the first of what might transpire to be many screen shots for marketing it :

Next major milestone is to achieve MVP and start to get some people using it. Ideally a mix of tame PT’s and some clients to exercise on it. The MVP will be strength and conditioning focused (so no Garmin integration at launch). Talking of which launch is planned to be a soft launch and simply a way to start getting some input on priorities for features.

There will be a pre-launch campaign. Once the URL is propagated then it will divert to a mail chimp sign-up landing page asking for their email address and if they are a Personal Trainer, Coach or Fitness User / Athlete.

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