Baby Steps



A bit of progress last night, all be it baby steps…

Firstly my first little Python WebApp is done. Learned about the structure of a web app in Python, hooked it up to an SQL database and used their templating engine to make a rudimentary front end. This was quick and easy to understand – so am confident that this is the right way to go for the back end.

Next two tasks are 1) figure out how to consume webservices 2)figure out how I want to build frontends. Still feels like REACT is the way to go with that.

On the iOS front I decided that there is just enough going on without spending more money on new hardware to be a able to build an app that nobody is going to buy!

The priority now has to be about balancing my time across making short term revenue but also developing the long term offerings.

Spoke with Apple and they have refunded my developer subscription. Which actually felt good to have decided to unwind a bad spending decision rather than getting sucked into spending even more for a change! At the end of the day, I can use wha I have got to prototype a an app. But more practically I should probably look at how to use javascript to create a web app? That all feels like a problem for another day.

Sales in the Shopify store have dwindled in February, so priority for the day is to figure out how to drive more traffic to it. Could be as simple as Google Ads?

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