Build P2 210506



Note new format for build ID is now YYMMDD[letter if needed]


  • Removed the PK_record_ID field from being displayed in the Exercise and Workout Library Table Views
  • Fixed bug in WorkoutBuilder Exercise Configure was not displaying the prescribed effort (for instance weight).
  • Drop down menu under user Animal Spirit image changed to : Profile / Subscription / Logout. Scaffolding built for a subscription page. Also added side bar nav item to Subscription under Settings
  • Changes to main navigation menu: new icons, implemented a new top level item for workout Player
  • Created a test module view_pg.php to validate how this design would scale for iPhone and iPad. Not hooked up to any data, but has placeholders.
  • Added a new jQuery plugin to provide an animated count down timer. JS was added to Vendors subdirectory.

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