Building the universe



What started as “some software to write”, soon became a “bit of a big project” and has now grown into a full time Mother of Everything activity… But naively I remain optimistic that, despite no detailed plan (!!) this will have legs!

Have been a bit quite for the past few days, but rest assured that I have been working away diligently. The current sprint involves getting to a point where some form of basic programme is deployed to an athlete and they have some basic tool that enables them to “do” the workout. This will probably be an S&C type workout.

The idea around animals continues to amuse me. And I think “ghost mode” for those that want to train and not play is a good one.

Spent nearly a day on a tiny bit of detail, to set a Select list to the current stored value (part of implementing Workout Types). But this seems to be the way this goes… You go to do a five minute job and days later you eventually finish it. Maybe this is because I am learning a lot of new technical skills on the hoof? Certainly I am now more confident with jQuery and the general design pattern for MVC is becoming a lot clearer to me… Think I might still need some sort of front end templating tool.

Also, have done bugger all with GIT 🙁

Have identified a need for one mega table that pulls everything together to create a customised programme for a user. This table will be called the Universe – because it will be about as big!

Which reminds me – I probably need to think about how this scales up and what will happen to performance. For sure the spare bit of shared hosting I am running on at present is not going to cut the mustard.

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