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No actual code got written but a couple of ideas for P1:

Instead of just tracking social stats (which I think it should do), what about Top 5 things to do this week. Not a complete ToDo list – just five things (or maybe three) that are important to “make the boat got faster” as they say. Limit the horizon to one week and limit the size of the field so it is concise. No progress % or any of that – just a Yes or No is it done. Review it each week. So this feature (widget) will be the “Must Do List”.

Then we need clarity on what it is that we are trying to achieve next in terms of milestones. Not the five year plan or any of that stuff, but simply the next big landmark. For instance for P1 right now it would be “Launch a minimum viable product”. It is obvious when it is done. Not interested in tracking how close and all that cruft – just is it done Yes / No.

Each item on the “Must Do List” (MDL) has to somehow to take me closer to the next Waypoint – that’s the second feature named then 🙂

However other stuff also has to get done to try and keep the revenue flowing. Been running some PPC on and finding that a lot more traffic is looking for free stuff rather than paying for coaching (SURPRISE!!). OK so what can you do but decide that the money is in the list, so therefore get them to subscribe to the email list in return for a free plan. Simples.

Created a subdomain. Aimed that a landing page on MailChimp and then a redirect back to a page for them to download whatever they like. See how that goes then… need to cobble together a couple of 13.1 plans and get them online.

Quite excited about the possibilities for the P1 app now… Starting to take shape in my head.

Also see a possibility for turning the subscribe by email and download what you like into more of an automated course… You still subscribe and download your plan, but then maybe a series of automated emails helping them along? A free course? Nudge them into a cheap subscription?

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