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There was nothing. Or at least that is very much how it feels right now! But every journey starts with a step as they say (and other such irritating quotes). Perhaps as this is my first post on this new blog it might be worth setting some context…

First and foremost this is nothing grand or fancy. It is just a record of my thoughts as I venture around some ideas with a view to making money. In parallel the fitness coaching continues and maybe there will eventually be some overlap. In the unlikely event that I do create some kind of blockbuster app then perhaps having written about each step on the way will be of interest to someone?

But for now (and probably ever more!) this will just be my professional diary online. Plain and simple and a way to organise my thoughts.

I have two main ideas for some software to write.

P1 is a marketing app. I want some technology to let me visualise my marketing to sales pipeline and represent the flow of people from early contact through to a paying customer. Particularly interested in this being SaaS platform that might then provide a basis for some paid for consulting

Today P1 is at the stage of trying to decide what tech stack to build with online. It is a confusing crazy scene out there right now… Or at least it is to me.

P2 is a fitness / coaching type app. Could be a game. Could be something between Bird Coach and TrainingPeaks but with proper support for strength type workouts. Maybe it is a mash-up of fitness and health data. I probably need to get clearer. More likely to be mobile based. But equally well could be web / cloud.

Spent a stupid amount of distracted time last night playing with Swift on Xcode and re-learning about iPhone development. Why? It really is not going to help with either P1 or P2…

Could there be a P3 which are personal productivity apps on iPhone as before? Or is this something to do simply because it is easy to get into and can be done… Anyway you cut this it feels like you need some kind of scalable back end SaaS type platform.

Today : Decide on the tech stack for a cloud (or web) based application. Figure out what tooling you need and don’t spend any money!

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