Much Progress on P2



Not updated my diary here for a few days – but have been working and making progress on P2. Just put a new build up on the public web server (just using copy and cyberduck). I do need to get myself a bit more organised in terms of release management and builds… James says GitHub is the way to go… so I will probably take his word for it and learn.

Anyway with minimal tooling and zero budget, I have made something 🙂 P2 now uses a rather nice MVC model that I have crafted and have implemented a jQuery UI with drag and drop features.

In build P2 020421:

  • Login and registration working + hardcoded User Avtar to make the scree look better
  • New Menu implemented
  • Programmes > Libraries > Exercises implemented for CREATE as a modal pop-up, DELETE implemented
  • Programmes > Libraries > Workouts implemented as a menu item and then a library list screen. No actual functions are working yet
  • Workout Builder Workout selector is implemented,
  • Workout Builder Exercise Library selection box implemented
  • Workout Builder drag and drop exercises into workout implemented and saves each time it recieves.

What would be handy now is to have some sort of feature / bug tracking and today. Also a way to track what has gone into each build.

Focus needs to remain on getting to a MVP and creating a first screen cam to start telling people. This ideally needs to have the Garmin User Authentication working in it too.

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