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Having moved from Python to PHP, you might well have guessed that it would only be a short period of time till I changed the rest of the stack.

Hosting for REACT (mostly because of Node.JS) is not as simple as I might have wanted. Therefore I have now binned that as the UI and frontend tech… Gone to jQuery with some modern fandango thing called Bootstrap. Mostly because it is relatively simple to get going with and I can run it across both live and development environments. Have found some free model templates for a UI that looks OK and will fit the bill, so certainly to prototype, then it is more than adaquate.

MySQL will not be swapped out as it is the best option I have on my current hosting service.

P1 has also picked up a name 🙂 Working title is ZAKON

This is Serbian for Act. Works at many levels, Act would have been a fine name (the app is all about actionable insights) – but obviously most useful names (domains) have gone. A word that means nothing… but that is the problem, it would mean nothing! Many people will see ZAKON and thing its just a random set of letters. But there is a backstory to tell people. Also the URL would be available!

Progress on the development of ZAKON – slow! Faffed around for way too long on sorting a UI. When really whatever is there now is disposable. On the other hand as I start to tell people about it then first impressions are vital, so it has to look slick.

User Authentication works at a basic level. The scaffolding for the UI is in place. About it really!

Next steps:

  1. Inject some PHP int the template to show it will work – customise the logged in user name.
  2. I want to prove I can consume and process some external data from an API. Might as well be relevant to the app – Instagram looks like the most likely contender.

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