Nothing Stays The Same



I’m known for changing my mind! It was definitely all about Python… The stack definitely had Python in it… Right up until I changed my mind 🙁

Why? Quite simply the more a tried to rummage around in it the less productive it seemed to be. It is heavily abstracted (once you get into frameworks) which is of course exactly why it should be so productive – do lots with virtually no code. On the other hand you give up that fine control. That sense of building code in a way that makes sense to you.

Long story short I have reverted to PHP. I have an easy to use local dev environment and a basic production environment on some dirt cheap shared hosting. CodeLobster does the business really well as an Ice for PHP.

Have decided to build some “scaffolding” which would work for either project and in fact might be of some interest to others… It is a very simple framework (almost too grandiose a title for a few files!) that gives you very basic user authentication features (register / login / logout) but have put it together in a way that makes sense for a webapp as far as I can see. Have also included the idea of a DB reset function as well as the start of a project ini function which enables you to move the code between environments (hopefully!) more easily. Hopefully.

Next stop is some kind or version control / release management and I’m wondering about GIT? Contrary to my historical views on releasing anything “for free” I might just make this little framework available for all and sundry!

I have recently started to publish some free running plans and actually it is quite gratifying when people download your stuff and use it… Of course you can’t spend gratification in Tesco – which is a whole different problem!

In other news I have the start of an idea for P2 – Will document that in a new post…

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