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A little progress on the SaaS stack and a road block with the mobile platform.

Sat and focused on what should the tech stack look like for my SaaS app and concluded that so long as I didn’t get sucked into spending a ton of money up front then it would probably be OK! PHP would be an obvious choice as I already know it, but that does not seem to be such a popular choice for your modern SaaS application… Decided that Python for the back end would be the better option. Using Django framework on top of it for RAD capability. As a backend this seems to be supported by the majority of the main hosting platforms.

Frontend (when I get that far!!) will be based on the REACT JS framework.

I think this covers the need for a scalable multi-tennent environment. Not been too fussed about the DB yet.

Eventually P1 will be hosted on the AWS infrastructure but for now pythonanywhere.com FREE edition is the perfect learn environment and will enable me to prototype. edstivala.pythonanywhere.com is my prototype domain.

Have decided to go for P1 (the marketing app) and to park P2 (the fitness app) as I think the addressable market is better for P1

P3 which was going to be a mobile productivity app on iPhone has hit a problem 🙁

My iPhone (and the current generation) are running iOS 14.4 to build an executable that supports this you need Xcode v12 which in turn needs OSX 10.15 (I think, but certainly the newer OS running in the up to date hardware). My MAC is really old! And won’t install any of the new OS versions and therefore I can only run Xcode 10 which doesn’t compile for the new iPhone.

I suspect that means Apple won’t accept my executable in the app store. Although to be fair I don’t known that yet.

Wish I had spotted that before shelling out £79 for my Dev membership 🙁

Today is going to be about getting the P1 prototype to a stage where my python app can at least execute a standard tutorial. It’s all about learning!

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