P2 21???? (next release)




  • Click on BitFitter Logo top left now takes you to the app home page rather than crashing. Addressing issue resolved.
  • Updated Workout Closedown screen to show the name not the ID of the workout that has just been finished. Removed none required text to reduce clutter on the screen!
  • Removed AllowFullScreen from video iFrame to see if that stops it going to full screen on a mobile device (which is the current default behaviour.


  • App Admin is now sent a message when a new user registers (including time / date of registration and type of account created).
  • Created a new log with a BETA tag on it
  • Role based menus – This is extensible in the future. Initial implementation only shows the PROGRAMMING subsystem to Coaching Users.
  • Database / table migration skeleton. This is a standalone file in the /Db/ which takes either EXPORT or IMPORT as url parameters. Exports the content of a Table (currently written for the Profile Table) and exports it as a CSV file. Can then re-import it back. Flexible as to which data fields are taken and could be used for renaming a field. This is mainly going to be used when there are a few users online.

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