Build P2 100421



Completed Functionality

  • USERMGT : New DB Structure and user able has changed to Profile Table. Login / Registration refactored to use it.
  • USERMGT : Implemented Ghost Account Switch
  • SETTINGS | PROFILE created with three tabs Trybal info, Private info, Training Zones
  • USERMGT : Create scaffolding for user profile management and configuration. For this stage all users are on one training platform. The user can register their account with minimal information and then flesh out their profile via a new settings page :
    • Date of birth (Private)
    • Gender (Private)
    • Animal Spirit (Trybal) and updates profile pic. On first joining the user is a Panda. Once updated the Trybal page they can no longer be a Panda
    • Alias (Trybal) To allow users to not disclose their real names in the Trybe platform
  • DB : New DBGEN to support the new Profile Table.
  • USERMGT : Zones Tab introduced but not built out.

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