P2 Progress & short term next steps



The last few days seem to have been all about developing the Fitness App. Some progress, which will hopefully accelerate.

The Workout Builder has become a feature in its own right! This is now implemented as a single page app and I can understand why the creation of structured workout sessions is such a dogs breakfast in most of my competitors apps!

I settled on Bootstrap > jQuery for the front end and that is now working over jQuery AJAX to a PHP controller app to resolve the business logic as the user interacts with different components. Has taken a lot of time to figure this all out (and not entirely out of the woods just yet!!).

Implemented on 27/3/21 – User ability to pick a workout session from a list.

Next step is to build out the Exercise Library functionality and a seperate screen for a Workout Library.

Workout Library : Create / Delete / Assign and a direct link to Workout Builder

Exercise Library : Create / Update / Delete.

Next functions in the Workout Builder are to list the steps in a workout correctly and also figure out how to handle changes to a workout content (list of steps)

There is also an unresolved question about when and how you configure the exercise specific parameters. Is it at the session level? Or should this be when a session is deployed to an athlete? Should it all be relative or should there be some kind of absolute override?

Feels like much work head!

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