P2 – The Big Idea



Not sure where it came from but I’m warming to this…

Where Squash Ladder meets Golf Handicap with the invite introduction exclusivity of a golf club (as built out by Clubhouse), the competitiveness of Zwift and the community of Strava. This might be called The Gauntlet Club.

Main idea is that each person in the “club” is on a graduated ladder, based on their athletic Power (or something other than calling it their handicap but it is basically a handicapping system).

You can only join by being invited by an existing member (your Sponsor) and this is the about trying to maintain a high integrity environment – people can cheat, but maybe less likely to if someone they actually know is kind of accountable for their actions? The other reason for not cheating is that if there is no money then who really are you cheating…

On first joining (having been invited and vouched for by an existing member), you obtain your Power Number by submitting three qualifying “cards” (???how / what criteria???)

That puts you on the ladder (??? What can you do BEFORE you get on the ladder???)

Once on the ladder you challenge (throw down the gauntlet) to anyone else at the same power number than you or higher. If you win the challenge you go up and the person you beat goes down (??? By how much / when / what counts???). If you lose nothing changes.

Other ways to improve are new PB’s, new distance qualifications, completion of certain packs… This could be modelled on the ROUVY system. But ultimately this is all about The Ladder which is the a league table at the heart of the game.

Much work to flesh this out – but one of the key strengths of this is that it encourages athletic progress as well as it working virtually or in real life. With people you know and can physically meet as well as virtually with people in completely different countries.

Is P2 The Gauntlet Club born? Maybe – but want to think it through some more. Also how the fuck do you monetise this!!!

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