Picking up pace



Have been focused on the P2 app the last few days and it is starting to take shape.

Some of the bigger wins have been getting the Garmin Connect authentication to work – after much fiddling about and help from Garmin.

Also none technical, but VERY important, I now have the concept clear in my head. TRYBES

TRY because that is what everyone is encouraged to do. TRYBES because it’s about finding a like minded group and training together. This could be virtual or physical. Therefore a Trybe could be a running club, a group of friends training for a one off challenge or weight loss. A Trybe could be run by a Coach and they are his clients; in which case he is called the Elder !

Within Trybes platform people pick an animal spirit – initially this will simply set their profile picture, but ultimately could be more important.

Finally an individual can join the platform and not want to participate in the group ethos. They can set their profile to “Ghost Mode” and nobody can see them. But they can’t use any of the group functionality. They can have a dedicated Elder (but won’t be part of their Trybe). What they can do though is follow a programme and be coached 1:1 .

Need to think about pricing models

Am also now using this site to manage and document Versions

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