User proposition for P2



Starting to feel like it is almost a useful bit of software now!

Have been thinking about what will the platform actually do and therefore why would anyone want to use it. Here are my thoughts;

There are three use cases for non-coach users (athletes)

1. Train completely on their own and use the platform as a source of great workouts that they can do at home, in the gym or take out for a run. User can create an account and put it into Ghost Mode. They can then access the workout library and chose to do any they like the look of. These could either be “whiteboard” or “Canned Video”.

They can see other things happen on the site, but they can’t participate. But they are OK with this because they value their privacy and like being hidden away. (£)

2. The want to use this as a social connection platform (similar to Strava), interact and be part of a “Trybe”. They like the idea of competitions and challenges – they are happy with handicaps and see the league table as motivational (perhaps divisions too). They also sometimes like to use the workout library and train on their own. They have turned off “Ghost Mode”. (£)

3. They want to use this as an online coaching tool. They are attached to a Coach within the platform and their account can either be in Ghost Mode of not. Finding and attaching to a Coach is a separate settings tab. If they have a Coach then they get a programme and also can use any resource they like. (££)

4. A different kind of user is a Coaching Account. Perhaps this is created manually by me so I can vet them. They pay to be on he platform and (1) Get listed in the Coach Matching Service (2) Get to use the tools to manage their athletes (3) they can create a Trybe and attract new clients for 1:1 dedicated coaching. (£££)

Is there a free model – in other words is this Freemium? Who pays for what? The commercial model needs some work and thought still. How ironic!

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