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Busy few days and have been crap at keeping myself updated here! The best news is that there have been no further changes of mind on the tech stack and at last I thing we are building on the right foundations. Here are the main headlines as I see them today…

  • Have heard back from Garmin and we have agreed that Ed Stivala Ltd can integrate its fitness app into the Garmin Connect eco system. This is very good news and the current thinking is to make this the exclusive integration for data capture and deployment of training plans out to wearables. Not sure what I am going to do about S&C but that can be another day problem
  • P1 now has a UI in place and built out the basic UX and CRUD for a Customer Object. Looks good and works well enough – it would certainly be a minimum viable product. Next build out a simple Product Object replicating a Customer there is no association between the two.
  • P2 is also up and running and have started with the thorny problem of the data scheme around Programmes down to an exercise. See this as a key USP when it comes time to sell it – so it really needs to plug the gap between TP and the fitness app market. Have got the basic model working and have found a rather funky library that lets me do drag drop and sort (SortableUI). Bets of all it even works with Bootstrap. Is looking good and taking me more down the road of a JS / AJAX front end.

One of the big questions now is around Dev / ops (I think is the term…). I need a way to manage source code, track feature development and deploy to live and maybe staging too. Have emailed my mate James. He knows everything! Might be GIT?

Side not CodeLobster is FAB! Will be buying a pro licence once the trial has finished

Also, now there are some some things to see, might have a play with recording some screen captures and using that both as promo but also to track development.

Big priority – in advance of call with Garmin I need to have a look at their integration.

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