Build P2 050421



Most of the work in this sprint was about finishing the basic scaffold for Exercises and Workouts. This now has a nice drag and drop UI for the builder and an intuitive simple structure for the libraries.

  • WORKOUT BUILDER : Save user re-organised list of exercises that are already within a workout
  • WORKOUT BUILDER : Delete step from workout via drop zone under exercise library
  • WORKOUT LIBRARY : Implemented the Edit function via the Modal Form
  • WORKOUT / EXERCISE LIBRARIES : Button updated to ‘done’ in smaller and light success
  • WORKOUT / EXERCISE LIBRARIES : Cancel Button removed as this is implemented in close modal X top right
  • WORKOUT / EXERCISE LIBRARIES : Edit function re-written to use AJAX rather than store large volumes of text in the link. Edit now implemented for both Libraries.
  • USERMGT : Fixed the parameterised URL so that logout works properly
  • USERMGT : removed placeholder text in login fields to avoid having to delete text.

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