Digital projects require someone to build something. It’s just the way it is.

From digital thinking to digital doing, we put the strategic plan to work.

Digital Engineering

n3wmedia is skilled at providing full-lifecycle software development and tackling projects of any complexity. We are a UK based team, we collaborate with businesses regardless of location, to bring to life your Digital Transformation Strategy.

We de-risk your project by working exclusively with world class tools and infrastructure. This ensures you avoid platform risk, your final solutions are independently supportable, will scale with your success and the project benefits from rapid build times leveraging many existing components.

For eCommerce sites we build on the Shopify Platform and for Content Sites we use WordPress as a foundation. Customisations (Apps), bespoke integration and custom workflows are built in PHP (using the Laravel framework for more extensive development). These technologies are proven to work efficiently together and can be found powering many solutions in organisations of all sizes today.

Intelligent custom software allows you to meet users’ increasingly demanding expectations and can be a differentiating factor in attracting new customers and investors. n3wmedia will take you through the entire lifecycle of your Digital platform, expertly helping you to launch on time, in budget and with maximum impact. Allowing you to capitalise on emerging and established trends.

The modern era of Digital Transformation demands innovation. Both established businesses and startups leverage technology to gain a competitive edge, improve supply chains, enhance customer relationships, and streamline operations.

Startups and smaller companies innovative rapidly and create technological solutions to disrupt their markets and become new industry leaders, creating their own niches. As a forward-thinking software development company, n3wmedia is committed to helping your business innovate at pace with bespoke software solutions that disrupt. We specialise in helping Retailers, Health and Professional Services business – to create game-changing intelligent software solutions.