Not every idea is a good one. But when it is…

We partner with you to create exciting new digital products on a shared profit basis.

Digital Innovation

We love to work on ambitious and innovate digital products that bring together creativity, understanding and technology. Co-creating novel digital products that improve consumer experiences or forge new niches by re-imagining what’s possible really excites us! To achieve this we form collaborations with businesses that have a particular insight or deep understanding of an unsolved problem. We work with you as partners rather than clients and are willing to create commercial models that are as novel as the products we jointly innovate.

Four Steps to Success

Before we move an idea to Engineering, we have a clear process to ensure that our thinking is aligned and all stakeholders are clear on the direction, commercial model and planned financial outcomes.

01 Opportunity exploration

We research, ideate and validate product concepts derived from the problem statement or macro functional statement, exploring multiple potential product solutions and supporting business models. We discover the potential feature set and functionality, understanding a MVP as well as top level product roadmap. As a potential “winning idea” emerges we explore, define and jointly agree a proof-of-value.

02 product discovery

The foundations of success are laid by challenging and rigorously testing the selected Product Candidate against three core areas; feasibility, viability and desirability (both to its target audience, but also as part of our product portfolio). By scrutinising these area through a commercial lens, the customers perspective and also technical reality, we ensure that the right digital product is chosen with maximum chance of success.

03 roadmap development

We chart a clear and focused path through to proof of value. We utilise our research and marketing skills to establish market insights, competitor insights, opportunity sizing & product story. At this stage we will also develop user journey maps, brand & product storytelling and reach agreement between all stakeholders that we have a true representation of the digital product.

04 customer experience

You will almost certainly intimately understand the target customer for our new digital product. We create a uniform understanding across all stakeholders to detail the target customers needs. wants and unmet desires. We leverage our cumulative experience of working on many diverse products to design high-impact, differentiated experiences that unite digital and physical worlds for Consumers, Businesses or Society.