Chief Technology Officer

Shape a robust and effective digital strategy at pace.

Starting with a universal understanding of the “as-is” of your current technology, we identify what matters and create actionable initiatives to move you forward.

starting from the beginning

In order to drive the future direction of your digital strategy, we first need to understand the status quo, and ensure all stakeholders have a uniform understanding. To achieve this, we review the documentation of the various platforms, tools and integrations that make up your technology stack, as well as the ways your various business functions interact with one another and the outside world.

At this stage we also review the goals of your wider business strategy and, through stakeholder workshops and interviews, build up a comprehensive picture of your end-users, their needs, and motivations.

driving strategic direction

Armed with this benchmark of your existing technology landscape and insight into current challenges, we then begin building a future plan to address these – and deliver you a blueprint for a Digital Strategy your business requires in order to succeed.

Once the blueprint is agreed we will oversee the selection of suitable technologies, and define implementation plans. Working with n3wmedia means that everything will be guided by a holistic view of existing, new and emerging technologies to ensure that we realise an appropriate balance between customer and colleague expectations, and the cost and resilience of operations. Our recommendations to you are underpinned by sound ROI and shaped by your budgetary expectations.

technical oversight

In addition to creation of the blue print and ensuing execution plans, n3wmedia can support your technical function with delivery by providing project-specific technical support throughout your digital journey. From the creation of business-critical communication, change management and skills workshops to exploring the ‘art of the possible’ and programme management. n3wmedia will not only help design solutions that deliver, but keep a close eye on project progress to ensure that key outcomes are achieved in line with pre-agreed milestones.

We can additionally guide the development of your roadmaps for existing technology, and support effective prioritisation both within individual projects and across your wider Transformation Programme.

engaging stakeholders

At every stage of your engagement, n3wmedia will take a strategic approach to engaging internal and external stakeholders, whether you’re a growing start-up or established business that is reinventing itself. 

Driving collaboration and shared understanding via regular workshops and ideation sessions combined with agile and open communication, n3wmedia will ensure that your technology strategy is informed and enhanced based on front-line insight, whilst simultaneously helping you to secure buy-in and de-risk the deployment process.

Engagement Models

part-time cto

The most flexible CTO engagement model is to work with us on a part-time basis, enabling you to benefit from an active CTO within your business but without the level of investment required to bring on board a full time employee, as you only pay for the advice and support you require. This is a good option for young or rapidly growing organisations with less specific technical needs but need holistic advice; or you may wish to engage us early on to define your overarching strategy, with the implementation then being carried out by your internal team or other resources that you manage yourself. With a part-time engagement we are able to flex the time provided month to month during the life of the agreement.

fractional cto

As the name suggests, fractional CTO services typically focus on a clearly defined and agreed sub-set of a Chief Technology Officers’ responsibilities, or the management of specific processes and systems. This approach suits an organisation that is seeking targeted advice and / or troubleshooting. For instance businesses looking to overcome development blocks and poor delivery, or kick-start a period of growth by transforming GTM and Customer Interaction. Fractional CTO can be very effective for brining senior consultative leadership to an important transformation programme, sitting above and leading Programme Managers.

interim cto

Businesses seeking to hire a new permenant Chief Technology Officer – whether to replace an existing position, or in the creation of a new role – engaging an interim CTO can help streamline the process and help maintain quality and velocity of your technology operations in the immediate term. n3wmedia can support you as you recruit for a permanent role, advising on desirable skills and experience and reviewing candidates to ensure you bring in the right skills to serve your business. We can take an active role in the hiring process to help you de-risk this strategic hire.